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Online Safety

The 12 Rules of Online Safety

What are children doing online?

As they start primary school and their digital journey, they learn the online world is a place of endless possibilities where ‘you can do anything’. Before they’ve even learned to read, most can navigate through devices to play games and watch cartoons.

What the research says

According to a 2022 report from Ofcom, 99% of households with children aged 0-17 had and used internet access at home. 9/10 children own a smartphone by the time they reach the age of 11. Also, nearly half (47%) of children aged 3-17 use a laptop to go online. So, we know that children of all ages have a lot of access to the internet.

Although children are curious about the online world, their understanding of what ‘online’ means and how, why and who puts content there is limited. They’re not yet equipped to evaluate whether something is appropriate for them, so guidance from parents and carers is key.

A PARENT’S GUIDE TO Discovering digital at primary school

 UK Council for Internet Safety has produced A Practical Guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media.

Social_Media_Guidance_UKCCIS_Final_18122015.pdf (1).pdf

National Online Safety - What Parents and Carers need to know about Social Media and Mental Health

Social Media & Mental Health.pdf

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